Eliminator - 05/04/2019


Fishery Focus

  • Size of Lake 10 acres
  • Type of Lake Day Ticket
  • Fish Stock 350+
  • Biggest Fish 34lb +
  • Features various
  • Telephone 01252325867
  • Visit Venue Website

Our 10 acre Big Lake is home to a good head of common and mirror carp up to 34lb with plenty of 20lb+ fish cruising around. This makes it a popular venue with carpers all year round.
Depths vary from 4 – 8ft, including gravel bars.

It is fast becoming a popular choice for matches with  recent competitions here proving very tight with plenty of fish being caught.

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Post Match Report


Willow Park Fishery in Aldershot is fast becoming a firm favourite with the match anglers across the country and it was no surprise that this venue was sold out very quickly. With the draw complete the 12 pairings made their way to their chosen swims and eagerly awaited for the competition to begin.

First off the mark was first time entrants Hopper/Walker in peg 13. Their lead was short lived however as Clarke/Sherwood in peg 12 & Patten/Chapman in peg 11 both had double takes. As the afternoon progressed Patten/Chapman in peg 11 added another to their tally before Hopper/Walker in peg 13 regained the lead adding another 2 fish including a new pb for Walker, one of the originals estimated to be 30-35 years old and weighing 25lb 14oz. Across in peg 1 Gutteridge/Donaldson also managed one before darkness fell across the fishery.

The early morning bite time came and went and Hopper/Walker in peg 13 increased their lead with another fish but now we had 4 pairs in contention. Clarke/Sherwood in peg 12 were now on 3 fish after catching a 26lb 08oz Mirror which would prove to be a very important fish. Watts/Eade in peg 8 had also managed to catch to get last year’s finalists on the board. The real movers were Gutteridge/Donaldson in peg 1 who had now caught 4 fish and moved up into third position.

A slow afternoon only saw a couple more fish grace the bank, Gutteridge/Donaldson in peg 1 were now up into second place and another fish each for Clarke/Sherwood in peg 12 & Patten/Chapman in peg 11 saw the pairings now tied in third place on 68lb 07oz. A fish for Sexton/King in the much fancied “Jasons Swim” peg 7 saw the pairing onto the leader board.

Gutteridge/Donaldson in peg 1 were now beginning to turn the screw and saw another 2 fish added to give them control over the rest of the field going into the final night. To cement their victory another fish landed on the final morning took their tally to eight fish and all but ensured automatic qualification.

The battle was still on for the remaining qualifying spots and with only 30 mins to go it was Patten/Chapman in peg 11 who had an opportunity to add to their tally, but sadly it wasn’t to be, the fish came off and along with their hopes of qualifying. Although tied in third place and being equal on number of fish caught, it then went to the biggest fish which would separate the pairings. A very nervous last ten minutes saw Clarke/Sherwood in peg 12 cling onto the remaining qualifying spot by the tightest of margins.





Peg 1               Gutteridge/Donaldson             8 Fish              118lb 14oz

Peg 13             Hopper/Walker                        4 Fish              76lb 15oz

Peg 12             Clarke/Sherwood                    4 Fish              68lb 07oz